Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sun Without Humidity? Impossible I Say

So, a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of using a couple of my days off to visit the Los Angeles area. I had a great tour guide and took some semi-cool pictures. Venice Beach, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Melrose, and The OC are a few of the places featured here. I actually wrote 'captions' on a couple. I'd love to do more, but taking pictures is easier than writing about them. Enjoy - Hooty

Ahh yeah....

This is the 'famous' Venice Beach basketball court that's on all the video games.


Skippy Sanchez said...

extra nice!

SamPrentice said...

Hey man, the photography is awesome, i especially like the venice beach basketball court. I have been looking for ages for a picture like this for my wall at uni - and either want the photo printed on a large canvas, printed or i was just about to try and make a budget version using blockposters.com but the photo quality is not good enough and its coming out patchy. Is there anyway you can send me a high quality photo? Many thanks if you can, the photo is amazing and i would love to have it on my wall. Please get in contact to deadelvis@hotmail.co.uk