Friday, November 23, 2007

...Insert Funny Holiday Title Here...

First of all, I feel that I should apologize to anyone who accidentally got in front of me yesterday during the dining hours of 10am and 8:30pm. If I bit off one of your fingers or slopped any pecan pie debris on you, please accept my deepest apologies. Anyone that I didnt physically offend, then I apologize for any emotional damage done by witnessing 'that skinny relative' eat his way through several pounds of food and bottles of wine. I was in the zone and remember very little. Lucky for all of us, my camera was there and was able to capture fragments of the day. Please help me put them together into a meaningful manner so that my food-fueled rampage makes more sense than Naked Lunch.

To anyone who was not there, consider yourself lucky. Look at your own risk.

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