Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Omaha: Where catsup is called 'spicy sauce'

Have you ever had a really good weekend? I have. I especially like it when it falls around a holiday, so that the 'weekend' is actually four or five days long. That's basically how my Thanksgiving was. It was busy to be sure, but it was totally awesome. It started with a drive to Wichita to kick it Cheney-style followed by a night of hanging with Pomeroy and a bunch of other people that I dont see often enough and was capped off with a totally awesome trip to Omaha, to do one of my favoritest things in the world - go to a zoo.

A few people know that I did two summers at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, splitting my time between taking care of snakes and thawing out frozen rats in the herpetarium and riding a bike-slash-giving boat rides for Visitor Services, which I was WAY to immature to do. I love all things animal; holding them, feeding them, cleaning up their poop, thawing them out to feed to others, eating them, actually about everything except hunting them.

For years, I've been warned that the Omaha zoo is the toppermost of the poppermost (vague Beatles reference) and over the weekend I finally got to see it for myself. Of course it was cold as hell, but it didnt matter, as the cool stuff was inside. It was followed up (and actually preceded) with wine. I really love wine. Antiques, which I also love and several hours of driving while trying not to laugh a drop of pee out.

So here I am, sitting in Chicago, thumbing through pictures, thinking back on a great weekend and realizing that I'm one of the lucky ones that was fortunate enough to have a good one land on a 5-dayer.

The zoo was sweet, the company was awesome, the vino was great and the pictures are in focus-ish. All in all, it was a great break from adulthood and the rather mundane routines of maturity. Ch-ch-check them out.

How many people does it take to open up a flash memory card?

Now kids, what have I told you about being alone with uncle Daniel?

Susan kept sneaking off to pray all weekend.

One of the few meals of my life where both coffee and wine was involved.


Renee said...

Best Omaha trip ever!
Sorry, Harrisonville boys that aren't daniel!

ps-I'm not sure who that person in my chair in the cafe photo is. It vaguely resembles me but is not nearly as attractive. I question your camera skills when you can make a lovely subject such as myself look undesirable. How do you do it Luke?

That picture of the bats is amazing!

Lucas said...

Omaha is the new Raymore people.

I apologize for my camera. She has been reprimanded by being sent away to another country for two weeks.

If you send me a picture you're more agreeable to, i will gladly photoshop it and put it on a t-shirt and wear it everywhere i go.

clearloops said...

Great pics! We should go back when it is a bit warmer and get inappropriately drunk at that French
cafe, THEN go to the zoo! Watch out bush babies, or is it sugar gliders?hmmmmm