Sunday, December 02, 2007

Estoy Vivo

Greetings from the very dirty and beautiful south. I just wanted to put a quick note up to let everyone know that I am alive and all that fun stuff. So...yeah, alive....

Ciao - Hooty

Here's a couple pics from my day around Lima, more later when I have more time:

This was the first car I ever owned. I had no idea I had to go to a car show in Lima to see it again. Ol' Bou'


Skippy Sanchez said...

Hermano, your 'Bu never looked THAT good when you had it! If I recall, you sold it to a junk yard for $25 (only because it had half a tank of gas and decent tires). After a quick title check through and I learned it went from Hays to El Paso where it shuttled a trunk load of coyotes back across the Rio Grande so they could make another run, then it went to Guadalajara where it was repainted to be a float during the Fiesta de los Mariachis parade. Toward the end of the parade some Hondurans stole it & drove it as far as Guatamala before they were arrested for Cuban cigar smuggling and expired Kansas tags. It was then impounded for about 10 minutes when some Peruvian "businessmen" saw it in the impound lot & offered $100 Honduran limperia and a case of Jalisco racilla to the authorities, Pepe & Paco, and promptly drove it to Lima where it was sold to presidente Alan García Pérez just last week for $5,000 U.S., who fixed the dented door, ran it through a Robo Wash & entered it in the very car show you visited just today. Small world.

Jason Wenke said...

Holy Hell! Same hubcaps even.