Thursday, January 31, 2008

Animals are like kryptonite with slobber

Renee and I spent last Friday afternoon honing our mad puppy-cuddling skills while volunteering at Wayside Waifs in their doggy quarantine area. I could write about it, but honestly, it’s too depressing. There have been times where one dog has been sick, gotten the rest of the animals sick in the room, and they’ve had to put the whole room to sleep. There’s one mama dog who had a whole litter put to sleep simply because they were pit bull puppies. There are a couple dogs who run to the corners when you walk by, or shit themselves out of fear because they’ve lead such a jacked up life. But there’s also animals who flip out with some real deal lottery-winning elation when you open the cage and sit with them. I’d like to say it all evens out, but I’m not sure that’s the case. At any rate, Wayside is a great place doing great things with great animals and you should go out there today and take one of these guys with home with you. Below are some pictures (mostly out of focus cause those suckers are quick). - Lucas

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Spyder said...

We got Trooper(lab/border collie mix) from there years ago.