Friday, February 08, 2008

Bullet points from last night.

I cant even begin to think about formulating complete sentences, so consider this a peek into phase one of how I write anything, using bullet points, which were invented by the Incas I think.

  • Thursday morning, 10 wine glasses
  • Friday morning, 4
  • I’m pumped to join a scooter gang
  • Was everyone here a photographer?
  • Do I really know that many people within a ten block radius?
  • Daniel needs to be put in a giant hamster ball or have bubble wrap taped around his hands.
  • The pig! The poor poor pig.
  • Costco hummus is amazing (and cheap) (and goes well on hamburgers) (and on spoons)
  • The orange couch was intimidating for about three hours, then was filled to capacity for the following two hours.
  • I think that someone brought empty beer bottles and placed throughout my house because there is no way all that fit into my fridge.
  • I know, “That would be a perfect place for a hot tub.” Just leave me a billing address and I’ll have it in pronto.
  • My lack of mattresses in the three guest rooms is getting downright embarrassing.
  • I cant believe I took less than 50 pictures, like 35 less than 50.
  • I can believe that these are the only ones that are in focus(ish)

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