Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Excuses Part I: Home Repairs Part I

I have written very little lately and that’s mostly due to a very hectic travel schedule and the fact that I’ve been keeping myself quite busy at home. I recently got my very first gas bill and after I recovered from the shock, I came to the realization that my house is 97 years old and holds heat like a butterfly net with a rip in it.

This has lead most of my most recent home-based activities to be centered on my basement, what I have decided is the central problem to my heating issues. Mainly the fact that I’ve got literally hundreds of feet of ducts running to and fro with no insulation around them, specifically one that goes diagonally across the whole basement and up to the second floor. Rather than filling the basement up entirely with spray-foam and just sealing the whole mofo off, I decided to try my hand at wrappin’ ducts, which shouldn’t be confused with rapping ducks, which would be much cooler and probably cheaper.

So, over the past couple weeks, I’ve learned (the hard way) how to seal holes, wrap insulation and secure it into place. While my swearing has probably increased a bit, my overall satisfaction at doing something good to lower my bills and lower my carbon footprint a bit is equal to that of getting to dress up like this (purely for safety purposes of course).

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redshoe said...

Make sure you save alla your receipts! Yay for home energy credits on the income tax.