Saturday, March 22, 2008


Those of you who missed Hedwig at the Off Center Theater should be kicking yourselves. First of all, the theater is GREAT, nice and small and the show was simply great. If you’ve never seen the movie or heard of Hedwig, it’s most definitely worth checking out, especially if you like musicals about botched up sex change operations in East Germany.

It’s running until March 22nd, so you have about six hours to get off the computer and quit blogging about how bad your life is or surfing YouTube for videos of Obama’s speech and get down there to check it out.

Totally worth it, I promise.
Note: Grandma, you would probably not like it as there are homosexuals in the show and most likely in the audience, but they will not bite unless threatened.


Well Hell Michelle said...

I went last night to see it, and I loved it. And some of the lines ended up being funnier than they were in the movie.

Spyder said...

Damn! Missed it.