Sunday, March 09, 2008

Culture KC-style

Me Pappy and Me Step-Mudda came to town from sunny downtown Wichita for the weekend and the three of us got into some serious trouble, Kansas City style. We started out with a trip to Casa Mesa for good stuff that’s hecho en Mexico, headed to Original Juan to find stuff to burn our tongues and headed to the Nelson-Atkins for a great new photography exhibit called In The Public Eye. I have to say, I love art galleries, but there’s nothing that can compare to looking at pictures from famous photographers with a pro in tow. On my own, I tend to make comments like

“I could do that.”

“You can almost see nipples.”

“Enough landscapes.”

“That’s not even in focus.”


My dad knows stuff people. Not just embarrassing-slash-incriminating stuff about my past, but real stuff about real things in the world and it was great to hear him dress me down about some photography. Kind of like a quick sax lesson from Coltrane, though not musical and not on drugs and fairly white.

I do have one negative-ish thing to say about the Atkins. CHANGE SOME OF YOUR OTHER ART AROUND! I get it, you have a fairly lifelike statue/sculpture of a guard. Grandma showed me that when I was five years old, all that’s happened to it in the following 25 years is that it moved to a new wing.


We rounded off the evening by going to the Music Hall to see the State Symphony of Mexico which was totally amazing. There’s something about seeing a section of violin bows flowing like water then, in the next minute, bouncing like soldiers marching with guns pointed to the sky that just sends you to another world.

I should also give props to downtown KC for Saturday night. There was shit going on down there folks. Sprint Center had the Big 12 basketball tournament going on, though I thought Garth must have been back because there were some serious cowboy hats swaggerin’ towards the doors. The car show was going on at the convention center. The Municipal Auditorium was either getting ready for or recovering from the nations 25 women’s college basketball fans in the Women’s Big 12 Tourney (I couldn’t tell). Throw in the symphony and downtown was buzzing. It was nice to see so much action, and so many sports and auto fans in such a close proximity (ie, away from my house…)

All in all, great weekend.

Because I’m lame and lazy, rather than linking stuff in the body, I’ll just put a bunch of related links below as well as a few pictures from the weekend. Sorry to disappoint, but they’re from me rather than the old man.



Hoopstar said...

The reason you saw so many cowboy hats is because the Professional Bull Riders tournament was at the Sprint Center. The Big 12 tournament is this weekend.

All in all, sounds like a good weekend with the folks.

Lucas said...

ah ha! I knew it smelled hick'y around there. Surprisingly enough, none of them came to the symphony.....

Hoopstar said...

haha, yeah, not surprising that they wouldn't be up for something other than McFadden's.

You can't get bud light at the symphony.