Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neighborhood Businesses Part I: Wild Woody’s Happy Foods

My neighborhood is packed with businesses in various states of operation. Normally, I do my grocery shopping as Sunfresh, which sucks. They’re overpriced and pretty much generally assholes. Monday I bought grapefruits and they charged me over double the advertised price, when I challenged them, the cashier told me “These are the 4257s, you’re thinking of the 4450s.” Whatever lady, they’re all in the same bin, under the same sign. Needless to say, I didn’t win the battle, so I walked.

I’ve been desperate for a non-Sunfresh grocery store for months now & have tried several places. Last night was Wild Woody’s Happy Foods on 31st and Jackson. Not a great neighborhood, but worth the try.

The place was crazy. All the signs in the place were hand drawn and super sized. Stuff was stacked to the ceiling, bulk style; an eight-foot stack of baked beans, three-foot long tubes of frozen ground beef, ten pound sacks of ribs. It was great. Very very few name brands, mostly Sure-Safe and Value Save stuff. There was a whole isle dedicated to hot sauce and bbq sauce. The ‘birdcage’ was surrounded by glass that was covered with signs of all sorts, notices, threats, wanted signs and there was a long line of people waiting for the lotto tickets to be spit out at them.

Naturally, I had my camera in my pocket and snapped a few pictures, but it was making people quite nervous (big cracka taking pictures of hot sauce and tripe..). At some point, I realized that I was being tailed by an older white guy and two security guards that looked like they boxed gorillas for fun.

Long story short, I got bounced out of the place by the manager, but not before I got the stuff I needed (Cool Whip, grapefruits and hot sauce, non-related).

This was the first time I’ve been confronted for taking pictures and because I wasn’t in a public place, I kinda just had to take it with a smile and bow out graciously. For what it’s worth though, it was worth the trip and I’ll still probably go back, at least they didn’t try to steal from me like Sunfresh.

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Spyder said...

Interesting name. I would have thought maybe a woodpecker outside instead of the cow.

Skippy Sanchez said...

Man. I remember Wild Woodys, I think it was on old 40 highway in Independance, back when I was a kid, maybe fifty years ago.

When I'm confronted for taking pictures on private property, I smile, apologize and tell them I'm just trying some stuff I learned in a prison photography class.

Skippy Sanchez said...

you were lucky:
"....He answered, “Breaking cameras is illegal, too, but if you don’t stop taking pictures, I’ll break your camera.” He modified “camera” with an adjective I am not permitted to repeat here."

SonyaB said...

I also remember them form back in the 40-highway days in Independence when I was a kid a mere 25 years ago. My mom and dad would go there to buy canned vegetables, bologna log, and I remember my mom bought a woven rag rug there for me to use as a nap mat in kindergarten. I remember it being where all the disabled veterans shopped and being totally fascinated by all of the people with prosthetic limbs, trach boxes, big wooly beards, wheelchairs, etc. Ah, Wild Woody's...