Thursday, May 01, 2008

Headshots Vol 2: Wayside Waifs

I had the chance to break away from the bustle of airports and confusing databases the other evening and decided to hit Wayside Waifs for another round of pictures. These poor souls are up for adoption right now and if you adopt any of them, let me know & i'll get you a nice and cool print of one of their pictures.

On a side note: We had a jailbreak this week with Turbo. He managed to, not only escape his pen, but open a door and run off. It took us 10 minutes to realize that he even got outside, then we had to hit the big red Ghostbusters "ESCAPE" button & the whole joint went on lockdown like an episode of OZ until we found him. It was great!



Spyder said...

You do a great job with the photos. Hubby was just telling yesterday about a site that was talking about how hard it is to photograph black dogs & that makes it harder to adopt them out. Keep up the good work!

We already have 2 black dogs, one from WW.

Spyder said...

I found the article:

You might find this interesting. Not that I think you need any help:

Lucas said...

that's awesome! just about every dog there was a big black dog. sounds like a good challenge for me to raise big-black-dog-photo awareness....

thanks for the compliments! it's a good hobby for sure =)
- Luke

Donna said...

I got my dog at Wayside Waifs. I wish I had the facilities and money (and a husband that liked dogs a little better), because I'd adopt several of them. I often go to their website and look at the doggies.