Monday, May 12, 2008

Muchas Madres

This weekend was so hectic that it went by in a flash. A good flash, but a flash none the less. Thanks to my cousin getting hitched in KC, we were able to have a somewhat impromptu family reunion. The big red house was bursting at the seams, sleeping 11 people. The kitchen was used and abused by my mother who managed to cook breakfast for 17 people on Saturday morning and i learned that this was not an appropriate statement:

"Happy Mother's Day mom! Why dont you show off those mad dishwashing skills that make you so great? If you could start with the wine glasses, that would be swell!"

This was the first time in quite a while that the whole Hutmacher clan was under one roof, and this time we added one. Abby & John's new baby girl, Madison, who is so new she still has the plastic protective covering over her eyes and a washing-instruction tag on her heel.

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Abby said...

excellent photos, luke. and we all had such a great time! thanks again for your wonderful hospitality last weekend. things couldn't have been better!