Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Silueta Peru

Now that the Otras Americas exhibit is winding down, I've been cleaning up space on my computer, a large part of which includes pictures from the past year. I took a lot of pictures down there. I really mean a lot. I purposely held back most of my favorites because of the show and various other reasons ranging from laziness and personal selfishness. While I'm still going to hold off on the pictures from the show, most likely permanently, I still want to post a few of my other favorites.

After I got back from the trip and started reviewing the pics, I noticed several recurring themes. None of these 'themes' were planned, but when you take over a thousand pictures (waaaay over a thousand pictures), commonalities are bound to show by chance alone. It was Louis Pasteur that said 'Chance favors the prepared mind.' and 'Does this milk taste funny?'

This first set is one that I thought was kind of cool. Most of the pictures are perfect examples of 'poor exposure' for anyone considering teaching, but I just like how they look when put together. They're not scenic, there are no faces to speak of, a couple of them are out of focus, they're just pieces of time.

Here's twenty or so pictures from Silueta Peru.

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