Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthdays at the K

Last Sunday, after staying up until 4:00 am pretending to be 23 years old, a bunch of us blew the cobwebs out of our eyes, ears and lungs by spending a day at Kaufman stadium celebrating Guppy's 30th birthday. I took a bunch of pictures and got a killer two-inning nap before heading back to the casa for a Gate's Presidents Choice platter of BBQ for ten.

- Kirk's kid is going to have the dopest name in the world
- I still cant figure out who decided to take some ribs to the bathroom
- Guppy can move a mean desk, but cant reassemble-a-door-his-way-out-of-a-paper-bag
- Caution: People you meet in a parking lot of the Embassy Suites in the middle of the night may look different when passing by at the morning continental breakfast.
- And they have more children than they initially claimed.
- Most heard story #1: Public display of patio affection at Baja 600
- Most heard story #2: 8 hours of drinking for $250.
- I was not present for either (at least not 8 hours of it).

Lick yo fingas before touching the screen folks....

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Logtar said...

HBD Guppy

And dude, Diablo III ... can't you feel the addiction tingling all over?