Monday, June 23, 2008

Ehh hoser?

I had a great time in Calgary last week & have pictures to prove it. It was my first trip to Canada, so I went armed to the teeth.

I had a Perunion with Sharon and her great dane-mastodon mixed dogs, got to use a DOPE fisheye lens for a day, hit the zoo, went to the top of the world, and saw a bunch of cowboy hats. I hung out in a cool candy store, saw more mountains, ate wild boar fondu and ate dinner with a great family.

Even with all that i'm still #2 in the Hutmacher-family-who's-in-the-coolest-place contest. Keep your camera under wraps.



AMANDA said...

Great pics! I want to see the shot you got of the peacock. I tried to get a close up of one of those buggers once and it hissed at me.

Libby said...

mama! i'm so impressed! each new set of photos are better and better! i love the sleeping gorilla and the looking up at/through the trees the best! miss you so much and love ya! xoxo