Saturday, July 12, 2008

#97, You really want that Kwame poster for $45?

On a scale of 1-10, Saturday was a flawed Six, with wild fluctuations from midnight to midnight, due mostly to a heavy grape head, compliments of First Fridays and JP Wine Bar. However, continuing along my misunderstood path of filling my house the most random grouping of weird stuff, today I headed out to the West Bottoms for the Music Exchange 'swag' auction, where they 'sold everything including the fixtures'. Some of the things littering my living room?

- Owner Ron Rooks' first turntable.
- The biggest bottle of Cholula I've ever seen
- Five boxes of 8-tracks, something like 2000 of them. No, I do not have a 8-track player, but I definitely have plans for them.
- A Ralph Steadman poster.
- A Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' felt print.

Here are some pictures of the show. My nemesis, #60, got the box of clown-T-Shirts I wanted. Curses.


Darcy said...

That dang #60 ruined it for all us super heroes.

Skippy Sanchez said...

RE: clown T-shirts...

Whizzo the clown was THE big deal when I was growing up in the late 1950s. He had a regular local TV show and my brother Ed & I badgered mom to take us or else we would ignore her when she was old.

Although we haven't kept our part of the bargain, she did get us tickets and we went but I really don't remember much of the show except the lights were bright and his clown suit was not black and white after all.

What I do remember is that after the show was over we were walking down a hallway toward the exit from the studio and my nosey brother opened a closed door wherein Whizzo was changing from his clown suit into his civvies, fifty percent clown, fifty percent human, with a half-smoked Lucky Strike dangling from his still slightly grease-painted lips.

He looked perturbed and we were aghast.

Ed turned to Mom and said, "Whizzo's a MAN?"

While most of our lives take a turn somewhere around middle age, Ed's changed when he was five.