Monday, July 14, 2008

Get to work people, you spend too much time online!

This blog thingy has been a semi-hobby of mine for a while now & I just noticed that I’ve hit the 10,000 hit mark, which means that either one person shows up here very regularly or 10,000 people have been here once. My mother mostly quit reading my blog when I posted something about my birthday present in China, most of my friends cant read, and my coworkers here me babble enough in emails around the office to pay attention to me, so your guess is as good as mine as to who’s reading this junk.

At any rate, it may be fun to see some of the random things that have been searched for that have brought people to my site. Feel free to make random comments. As per the last one, that’s just brutal. I hope it was just wishful thinking from someone.

• thug diet
• booty wine
• beijing hilton girls
• bladder shutdown
• goodnight the naughty way
• happy ending massage + westport, mo
• beautiful women booty oiled pictures
• black girl booty wine
• calories cankles
• china juice booty
• examination room cold when i go for my complete male physical
• keeping your thighs together when shitting
• langfang pudding
• meat wenke's
• pillsbury sandwiches with Doritos
• six sigma in the lumber and timber industry
• slippery punanni
• lucas hutmacher gay

I notice a lot of references to 'booty', I believe that's because of this post: Booty Wine Party Time. The rest, I have no idea. Honestly.

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AMANDA said...

And how do you explain the happy ending massage in Westport? Hmmmm? Good thing your mom isn't reading this anymore! :o)