Monday, July 07, 2008

Stay Off The Sidewalks

I've driven the same '97 Nissan Pathfinder for about the last seven years, slowly watching the gas mileage dwindle to a number too embarrassing to even mention. I still love the ride, it's comfy, it's got all the right stickers in all the right places (Hunter S. Thompson's double thumbed fist, Pomeroy, White Chocolate, Obey Giant, etc), my broken iPod works in it, it's leather, which means I could just wipe off the seats (if i were so inclined). Either way, I just wasn't ready to get rid of it, but the fact that it costs me $65 to fill the tank up, something that had to be done every week, was just killing me.

So a couple weeks I took matters into my own hands and headed out to Rolling Wheels for the four-day Premium Riders Course to get my motorcycle license. I figured that the process of getting the license would help me figure out if I even liked riding a bike. It did. I do.

Within 24 hours of finishing the class, I had my license.

Within 24 hours of getting my license, I've got my new work ride. Say hello to my new Honda Shadow Aero.

Watch out for motorcycles, they're all over the place apparently....


brant said...


Nice bike!

Let's get some ass-less chaps and run away together to Myrtle Beach.


Nolan said...

Nice ride dude. I figured one day you'd be a motorcycle mad man too. It's in your blood! Wear a helmet!

Later bro,


giggly said...

Nice bike Luke !!!wear a helment !!!Gasoline is terrible !!!grandma Ruby

Libby said...

where's the picture of your helmet and knee pads? get some boots, just fer. cool motorcycle. be careful mama!