Monday, August 11, 2008

First Ten From The West Side

So, after a long-slash-short seven days in San Diego, enjoying the sun and all that stuff, I've finally started going through all my pictures. I spent some time here last year but didnt have a camera with me, so I made up for lost time on this trip, in more ways than one. There's really too many to toss up at once, so I'm doing the phased approach.

So here I am, kicking it Eastern style, realizing that I've spent time in all four of the mainland timezones in the past two weeks, and wanting to reflect on the past, but I cant. It's just not worth it, life is too short. There's already enough people out there who blame todays gray skies on last week's rain. I know how you roll.

Enjoy the pics. There'll be more to come when I find myself back at the wood and brick house for more than 32 hours. There's nowhere to go but down from these I'm sure.

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Jason Wenke said...

awesome perspective on the first one. It makes you stop and think about it for a bit.