Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Good Time Of Year..... get out of KC for a few days. First week in August, a mere 94 degrees back home. My poor soul is in San Diego, where it's currently 77 degrees with sub-50% humidity. What to do, what to do....

Like eat fish tacos.
And take pictures.
Of fish tacos.


Your 5-day forcast:


Logtar said...

I have always had issues with the idea of fish tacos, however after this picture I do want to eat them... I am jealous of your perfect weather, however... in the near future I will be experiencing the same when I visit Cali, Colombia :) which incidentally right now is 75 :)

Lucas said...

I really only eat two kinds of fish, sushi and fish tacos. The rest is basically the same as eating socks.

I will trade you San Diego for Colombia any day. Let me know if you need someone to carry your bags or anything, maybe be your press secretary etc.

killabeas said...

fish tacos are delicious! preferably tilapia in lime juice, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan, jalapenos & cabbage .. and being eaten next to some surfers in baja .. are those french fries on the table? que onde? san diego rules! have fun

Logtar said...

Thanks Lucas, you just got the Feds to start following both of us, you just asked a Colombian if you could carry his bags. LOL