Monday, August 25, 2008

Pollution, Big Red & The Olympics

Now that the Olympics are over (I think, I didnt actually watch any of them), I can respond to all the emails I got over the past year about China.
1. Yes, I pretty much ate everything in that 'gross stuff that passes as food' email that was floating around.
2. Yes, they did totally destroy neighborhoods and uproot (or up-cardboard box) entire communities for the Olympics. I used to stay in a hotel a couple blocks from the 'Birds Nest' and it looked nothing like that when I was there.
3. Yes it's dirty. Very dirty there. Here's a clip I ran across today about a place that is not too far from where I used to live.
4. Yes, I used to be bigger than I am now. Much bigger.

Just to show that it wasnt much better in Langfang, here's a couple pics from my trip, showing nearly each of the above points:

Picture 1: My Peeps! Cute little fellas huh?
Picture 2: From my hotel deck (15th floor) pointing down in the morning.
Picture 3: The Promenade in Langfang, actually it's the sidewalk in front of my hotel
Picture 4: From the Shitty Celebrity International Hotel in Beijing. This whole neighborhood is gone now (Olympics)
Picture 5: Chubby across from Tienanmen Squared
Picture 6: Apartments in Langfang from the 7th floor of my hotel/apartment
Picture 7: Construction. See, over there, that's a crane.
Picture 8: Peope at Tienanmen Square waiting to see The Chairman's body. Sickos. (note 'The Chairman' is Mao, not to be confused with 'The Chairman of the Board', which is Sinatra)


Chandra said...

Wow! I'm speechless! That's disgusting. What are they doing to preserve the environment?? You would think America would try to get involved and make them change.
China is interesting...but America, excuse me, North America, is definitely more beautiful (just not Kansas :p).

AMANDA said...

Pollution set aside, you look like a giant next to those guys.

Logtar said...

I had to go back and look at the picture again to realize your giantness!

Wow, the pollution looks horrible... so did you miss the Olympic watching on purpose?