Monday, September 22, 2008

Quilting Ideas

So I was walking through the masses at the Plaza Art Fair on Saturday with my camera. No different than usual and no different than about 40% of the other people. I was following this old lady with a really big hat. She was standing in front of a quilt display and as soon as she moved in front of one of the most hideous quilts in all the land, I started to pull the camera up to get a funny shot, when the quilter grabbed my arm and told me not to take pictures of her quilts.

It's cool lady, I promise, I'm not bitin' your style. I will however, blog about this conversation and post pictures.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the picture. But I did get to spend some quality time with me Pappy, talking about pictures, photoshop and classical Latin guitar.

Good times.


Chandra said...

I love the Plaza Art Fair, I wish I could've gone! Your pics are wicked rad! ;)

killabeas said...

those are all fab.. and i soooo want a pair of those boots- for realz