Monday, October 27, 2008

KC Zombie Walk

Some things i learned yesterday at the 2008 KC Zombie Walk:
1. Zombies still take care of their kids
2. Zombies often enjoy a cigarette.
3. Zombies follow traffic signals
4. Zombies can laugh
5. Zombies are forbidden to touch anyone.

Here's some pics to prove some of the above.


Jason Wenke said...

That is f'n awesome! Now if they would just bump into the march of the killer robots the apocalypse can begin.

tyson said...

Wow... nice work!

Penelope said...

Something about the blood running down the legs of the chicas in pumps ... almost more disturbing than the bloody faces

AMANDA said...

As always-great eye~!The expressions on some of their faces were downright creepy.